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CDL-A driver recruiting is a very competitive field. Carriers are always looking for drivers and drivers are always looking for carriers. In this blog post, I will go over 3 critical elements/principles to help out with your driver hiring/recruiting efforts at your trucking company.

Principle/Element #1

Calling on drivers QUICKLY. The quicker you call on the driver as soon as a driver lead comes in, the better. Every passing second, minute, and hour that goes by, your chances of hiring that driver decrease.

When you get a CDL-A driver lead come in showing interest in your company, chances are you are NOT the only trucking company they are showing interest in. The trucking company that gets in touch with the driver first is at a big ADVANTAGE versus other carriers.

Through our system at Your Transportation Experts, you get leads within a 2-minute time frame on your phone to ensure you are getting notifications very quickly and could call on these drivers with 1 simple click right from your phone!

Principle/Element #2

Finding out what the drivers PRIORITIES/NEEDS are and showing how your company could MEET them. When talking with the driver, if their priority is home time, you need to show them that your company could meet their needs of getting them quality home time.

If their priority is high pay, you need to show them how your company can offer great pay to the driver. If you have great insurance and benefits, you need to communicate to the driver how your company could meet those insurance/benefits goals/needs.

It’s very simple, a driver might have a need or a problem that is not getting solved or met and you need to show them through your communication that your company is the SOLUTION to get them closer to their needs/goals or further away from what they DON’T WANT.

Principle/Element #3

Persistent FOLLOW-UP. Driver recruiting is a SALES job & in sales, follow-up is key! When you call on a driver, they might not always pick up on the first time, so it is important to stay organized and to follow up as much as possible until you get a direct answer from the driver of whether they are or are not interested in working for your company.

When you call on the driver, if they do not answer on the first time, make sure to not only leave a voicemail introducing yourself, but always send a text message after. Some drivers would rather prefer to communicate via text message and some drivers might prefer to hop on the phone as every driver is different. Here are some follow-up statistics for you to ponder.

To conclude, some of these principles/elements might be fairly obvious, but at times they could be overlooked and not executed to the best of their ability. If you really focus on these 3 principles/elements and become REALLY good at them, I can ensure you that your driver hiring/recruiting efforts will be a lot stronger at your trucking company and in return you will hire more drivers and save more $$$$ in your driver recruiting/hiring efforts.

If you are a trucking company in need of more CDL-A drivers, please send me an email at Modestas@YourTransportationExperts.Com & I will be glad to speak more to see if we might be a good working fit for each other.

Thank you for reading!

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